Pizzette alla Griglia (grilled mini pizza)

VT     Tartufo Bianco Ricotta, fontina, mushrooms, porcini dust, truffle oil 8

Salsiccia e Rabe Italian sausage, broccoli rabe, garlic, shaved grana 7

VT    Margherita San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil 6

Del Giorno Chef Perrone’s daily preparation p/a

Piattini (little plates)

G.VT     Gamberi e Fagioli Rosemary, grilled shrimp, chilled Tuscan bean salad 7

VT     Raviolo Gorganzola, ricotta, brown butter, shaved Grana Padano 8

VT     Carciofi Fritti Prosecco battered long stem artichokes, vin cotto drizzle 6

VT     Peperoni Ripieni Fried peppers, ricotta, asiago, white balsamic reduction 6

G     Calamari Luciano Slow braised Point Judith calamari, San Marzano tomatoes, lemon zest, chili flakes, grilled bread 7

G     Insalata di Polpo Tender octopus, celery hearts, potato, lemon zest, chili flakes, fresh herbs, evoo 8

Polpetti di Kobe Kobe beef meatballs, San Marzano tomato sauce 5

VT     Crocchette di Patate Potatoes, mozzarella lightly breaded, fried 5

G     Acciughe Bianche White anchovies, aged red wine winegar, evoo, parsley 7

Torta di Granchio Maryland crab cake, roasted red pepper sauce, arugula pesto, micro greens 8

VT     Tortelloni con Zucca Butternut squash tortelloni, brown butter, fried sage 7

V.VT     Funghi Misti Exotic mushrooms, garlic, white wine, thyme, grilled bread 6

G.V.VT     Melanzane alla Griglia Grilled eggplant, Calabrian chili, balsamic syrup 5

G P    orchetta Stuffed roast pork, crispy skin, fennel, cherry pepper pesto 7

G     Crostini di Maiale Pork spare ribs, Tuscan chestnut honey 8

Carpaccio Thin sliced beef, 24 month parmigiano, fried capers, evoo 9

Limone Risotto with Aragosta Meyer lemon risotto, butter poached lobster, cilantro oil 9

Branzino Pan seared filet of branzino, grilled fennel, orange/lavender 9

Pasta del Giorno Chef Perrone’s daily creation p/a

V.VT     Insalata di Rucola Baby arugula, Fuji apples, sun dried fig vinaigrette 6

V      Twisted Caesar Grilled Romaine, blood orange Caesar dressing, focaccia croutons, shaved  asiago 7

Crudo (Italian sushi)

G.     Tonno Sushi grade tuna, Meyer Lemon confit, torn mint, evoo, pink peppercorns 7

G     Branzino Blood orange gastrique, evoo, smoked sea salt, baby arugula 7

G     Ostriche Oysters, Calabrian hot pepper jelly, fried celery leaves 3.5per

G     Salmone Citrus cured, capers, shallots, cilantro 7

G     Capesante Thin sliced scallops, Olio Santo, oven dried tomato, micro greens 8

Patate Frites

Hand cut French Fries

G.V.VT     Truffle& Parsley

G.VT     Parmigiano & Rosemary

G.V.VT     Garlic & Sicilian Sea Salt


G.V.VT     Poached Pear in Chianti Syrup

G.VT     Flourless Chocolate Torte

VT     Bongo Bongo

Executive Chef Peter L. Perrone

Cured Meats, Cheeses, Olives and other good stuff!

Cured Meats

Prosciutto San Daniele Imported from the region of Friuli-Venezia Giula, Italy of the Town of San Daniele. Aged 18 months, cured by the mountain air from the Italian Alps, melts in your mouth with just enough of the prized pork fat left on to add a buttery texture. 9

Speck Smoked and cured ham from Northern Italy, the Alto Adige region of the Italian Alps. Sweet, slightly smokey pork flavors. Melts in your mouth. 9

Bresaola Air cured beef from the Lombardy region of Italy’s Valtellina, a valley in the Italian Alps, dry sweet beefy flavors served with extra virgin olive oil and Italian seasalt. 10

Rosette di Lyon Dry pork sausage from France’s culinary mecca. Made with red wine and garlic, dry intense flavors. 8

Finochino. Wild boar dried salume made with red wine and fennel. Dry, intense pork flavors. 8

Hot Capocolla Cured Italian salume, rubbed with Calabrian chili pepper. Dry intense, made from pork. 8


Parmigiano Reggiano The king of Italian cheese from Parma in the Emiglia Romano region of Italy. Made from the milk of grass fed cows and aged 24 months, hard, fruity and nutty flavors. 7

Asiago d’allevo Cow’s milk cheese from the Alps mountain town of Asiago, aged 9 to 18 months. Sharp, nutty robust flavors. 7

Danish Fontina Made in the Aosta valley of the Alps. Cow’s milk, semi-soft, fruity flavors, very buttery. 7

Pecorino Toscano One of Italy’s oldest cheeses, this cheese is made from ewe’s milk. It us furn textured and delicately flavored. The cheese is widely produced throughout the Tuscany region. 7

Valdeon Blue Cheese This sharp blue cheese is from Spain. This is a salty cow’s milk, wrapped in chestnut leaves. 7

Humboldt Fog From Humboldt, California, this white rind ash cheese, gets its name from the fog that rolls in. This is a creamy cheese with a tangy flavor. Made from a mixture of day milk and night  milk. 7

Olives & Vegetables

Gaeta Olives The black pearl of Italian olives from Lazio, Italy. Rich in antioxidants. 7

Castelvetrano Olives From Trapani, Sicily in the Town of Castlevetrano. Green with briny flavor and very meaty texture. 7

Red Bella di Cerignola Olives From Apulia, Italy, one of the largest olives in the world, red fleshed, very fruity flavored and meaty textured. 7

Picholine olives From Provence France, medium sized, bitter/sweet, briney. 7

Grilled Long Stem Roman Artichokes Marinated in extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and citrus zest. 8

House Roasted Red Peppers Marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs. 8

Tuscan white bean salad White beans, celery, red onion, Castlevetrano olives, rosemary,

extra virgin olive oil. 6

Arancia & Finocchio Stewed fennel and orange salad, extra virgin olive oil and cracked pepper.  7


Beers on rotation

IPA’sTroegs Perpetual Ale, Stone IPA, Dogfish 60 minute, Bear Republic Racer 5

Stouts Flying Dog Pearl Necklace, Troegs Java Head, Rogues Shakespeare Oatmeal
Stout, North Coast Brewing Company’s Old Rasputin

Ales/Pils Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Victory Prima Pils, Union Craft Duckpin Pale
Ale, Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Seasonals/ Wheats/Imports Brasserie
Saison, St. Bernardus Abt 12,
Lagunitas Li’l Sumpin’ Sumpin’,
Brasserie d’Achouffe La Chouffe

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