Kitt Lyles and the Real Talk Collective Tonight at Germano’s

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Kitt Lyles and The Real Talk Collective come to Germano’s August 18.
By Ana Hart

Kitt Lyles (1280x960)

In advance of Kitt Lyles and The Real Talk Collective’s performance at Germano’s Piattini on August 18th, we sat down to chat with him about education, influence and the ideal audience.

As a professional jazz bassist, composer, and bandleader, Kitt Lyles has played major jazz festivals and clubs across North America, Latin America and Asia. But now, he’s a man on a mission: His tour, supporting his debut 2015 album Real Talk, is sponsored by a grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Joining him is The Real Talk Collective, a contemporary jazz group unified by their dedication to jazz and musical vision to inspire people. Lyles says the group’s greatest wish is to do justice to the great tradition that jazz is and the place it holds in American society.

“Our originals draw heavily on the jazz tradition with an emphasis on singable melodies, human expression, and folk and blues influences,” says Lyles. “We take these traditional elements of jazz and blues and transform them with modern jazz harmony and interactive improvisation, embarking on a collective musical journey in the moment. We seek to provoke both thought and nostalgia, and uplift our audience with the joy that swing holds.”

As a sextet, the Real Talk Collective uses their powerful group energy to build tension, then to break it down into more intimate, quiet moments. And fortunately, the entire original group will be bringing the house down: Justin Copeland on trumpet, Roy McGrath on tenor sax, Joaquin Garcia on piano, Hans Luchs on guitar, and Gustavo Cortiñas on drums.

“The audience can expect an exciting, high energy jazz performance that hopefully speaks to their hearts as much as their minds and touches them in some way,” says Lyles.

While their focus is on their performance, the group is excited to see a little of the Baltimore jazz scene and meet some of its key players. (Lyles says he has heard good things about Baltimore from fellow musicians who have performed at An Die Musik.)

“It seemed like a must to come through Baltimore as part of our East Coast tour. There are some amazing jazz musicians from Baltimore, such as Dennis Chambers.”

Lyles tells me that he decided on Germano’s because it sounded like they provide a listening space that is truly focused on the music.

“This is important to us, as we feel our best performances occur when the audience is engaged and listening, and the space is intimate enough to facilitate this,” he says.

Be sure to catch them Aug. 18 at 6 p.m. at Germano’s. Tickets here.


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