Germano’s Announces Day of the Dead Tequila Tasting Followed by Charm City Fringe Fest Preview

New Bar pic (2)On Friday, November 1, come celebrate the Day of the Dead with a KAH Tequila Tasting at our newly minted PIATTINI bar. Tastings begin at 5pm and continue until we run out of tequila!   In addition to the full PIATTINI menu, bar food specials include Tequila Pineapple Fire Chicken Sticks, Fish Tacos, Beef Empanadas and Churros with Chocolate.

We are selling flights of Kah Tequila, the brand known for the fabulous skull packaging, four .5 oz tequila shots of Blanco, Anejo, Reposado and End of the World, for $15.  We are also selling a 1 oz. shot of each for $4-$6 and the bottles priced from $40-$70.  The pricing and the taste of each is a reflection of the time that the tequila is aged in oak barrels.  Also available for purchase are small stocking stuffer bottles of Anejo for $15.  There is no admission charge and just to take a look at the bar is worth it–we are finally down to the finish line.   The former barspace is now a very cool dining room.

Michael Joseph Harris, bandleader and lead guitarist of Bossalingo and The Hot Club of Baltimore will be on hand to start the evening with the intoxicating sounds of Cuban and Brazilian jazz.  Then, at 7:30pm we have a free event in the Cabaret— a preview of the Playwrights Group of Baltimore’s upcoming Charm City Fringe Fest performances.  We are told they are wacky and include audience participation…and are a perfect sequel to a Tequila Tasting The PIATTINI menu is available in the Cabaret all night.

(The full festival kicks off November 6-10. Fringe will feature several local performance groups, including Baltimore Improv Group, Baltimore Shakespeare Factory, Playwrights Group of Baltimore, and Single Carrot Theatre. Two local artists, Nicholas Horan of Hyattsville, MD, and Rob Jansen of Berwyn Heights, MD, will also bring one-person shows to the Fringe stage.Three visiting artists round out the Fringe schedule: Siobhan O’Loughlin of Brooklyn, NY, Lucie Pohl of New York, NY, and Adam Ruben of Washington, DC. Tickets to each production are $10 with the one-time purchase of a $3 festival button. The schedule of performances, along artist bios, performance descriptions, and ticketing information can be found on the festival website,

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